Crossing the Border with your Pet

It is easier than you think

Driving into Mexico

San Ysisdro Border Crossing

 The good news, you do not need any documentation for your pet driving into Mexico. The majority of our clients drive into Mexico and find it to be safe and easy.

 Take the 5 Fwy or 805 Fwy to the end. That will funnel you into the San Ysidro border crossing.

Once you reach the Mexican Border Agents you will just drive though. The agents will stop about 1 in 20 cars. They are mainly looking for items being brought into Mexico for sale.

If you are stopped, don’t worry. The agent will look inside your vehicle and the truck.

They do not ask for your passport or information on your pet. That is not their focus.

Mexican Insurance Companies

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Walking into Mexico

San Ysidro Border Crossing

 Late in 2015 the Mexican Government opened the new San Ysidro Border facility. Now people crossing are separated into two lines, one for Mexican Citizens and the other for Foreigners.

If you are a foreigner, you may be asked to show your passport and to fill out a form. They will also ask you how long you plan on staying. If it is 7 days or more you will be asked to pay a fee of 330 pesos or about $17.00. At that time they may also ask for your pet’s records.

I have found from my own personal experience and asking our clients that walk across that your shot records more than suffice.

Ground Transportation from the border to Vet Playas:

Taxi: 150 to 200 pesos or about $8.00 to $11.00

Make sure you ask the cost before leaving

Uber: 100 pesos or about $5.00

Crossing back into the USA with your Pet

Vet Playas Veterinary Clinic will supply you with a Health Certificate for your pet. This document will supersede the need for any other documentation.

We also have available the Medical Fast Pass to help you cross back into the USA faster.

If you have any questions and or comments please do not hesitate to contact me, Ronald Richards (619) 552 9658 or email